Rabbi Hannah Nathans in the Uilenburger Sjoel
Left some of my keppeltjes, right Tallit (backside)

Some examples of ceremonial art:

Panels on Aron Hakodesj (Delft) Panel Aron Tora-mantle Tsafon (Zuidlaren) Tora-mantle Mizrach (Zuidlaren)


Parokhet (Zuidlaren) Mantle Maäraw (Zuidlaren) Mantle Maäraw



Chuppah for our sons Tora-mantle (L.J.G. Gelderland)



The chuppa standing in the permanent exhibition about Jewish life represents the four seasons and refers also to the stages in human life. The inside of this symbolic "house" is made out of manipulated and embroidered tyvek "bricks".

detail on inside



Love, "Ahawa" stands for summer, the colors are flamboyant.



Autumn is the period of the Day of Atonement and the start of the Jewish year. We hope for Peace. "Tikwah" is hope.



On each side a Hebrew word emphasizes the feeling of the period. On the spring side it sais: "Mazal" which means happiness.


Winter recalls the Shoa. "Zikaron" - remembrance. We will never forget.